Prenosni elektroerozijski stroj TR100

Portable EDM machine TR100

Portable punching EDM machine for removing broken taps and drilling holes. The video below shows it in action. Ordinary tap water can be used for the dielectric. It can be supplied in three ways:

  • the entire workpiece is immersed in the pool
  • make a small pool on the workpiece using clay and/or plates
  • water is supplied through the nozzle

Dimensions (generator): 290x345x285 mm
Dimensions (eroding unit): 53x70x375mm
The head tilts 30°
The maximum electrode diameter is ⌀6 mm
Total weight: 23kg

The set includes:

  • Generator
  • Eroding unit
  • Clay for making a swimming pool
  • Chuck key
  • Flush nozzle
  • Brass electrodes Ø1.5 – Ø 6 mm (Different electrodes can be used: graphite/copper/brass)


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