• CMZ is a Spanish company founded in Zaldibar, Basque Country. With production
    lathe business since 1945, and in recent years it has experienced great growth.
    They produce around 500 lathes annually. CMZ lathes are precise, reliable and
    rigid. It is also an advantage that most of the parts are produced in the companies that are part of it
    their groups. The result is machines with a lifespan of more than 20 years. All this
    time gives CMZ full customer support - resolves incidents, advises and facilitates

    With one revolver

    TA series (Z400, Z640, Z1100)
    TD series (Z800, Z1350, Z2200, Z3200)

    With several revolvers

    TTS series (TTS)

    TLL series (TTL)


    The designation "Z400" means the machining length [mm] along the Z-axis. With each series, you can additionally choose between different spindles (for example: TA15, TA20, TA25, TA30).

    The following markings are additionally attributed (markings may vary depending on the series of lathes

    TA15 – no driven tools

    TA15M – with driven tools

    TA15Y – with driven tools and Y-axis

    TA15S – with two spindles (with subspindle)

    TA15MS - with two spindles (with subspindle) and driven tools

    TA15YS – with two spindles, driven tools and Y-axis

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    Contact us for offers. With the CMZ configurator, we put together the offer according to your wishes.

TA series

  • Models: Z400, Z640, Z1100
  • One revolver
  • Horseshoe or auxiliary spindle
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Directly driven spindles
  • Turning diameter up to 460 mm
  • Hole through spindle up to 82 mm
  • Possibility of automation
  • The latest Fanuc i32 controller

Catalog TA series

TD series

  • Models: Z800, Z1350, Z2200, Z3200
  • Turning diameter up to 550 mm
  • Hole through spindle up to 180 mm
  • Spindle power up to 51 kW
  • Direct driven spindle
  • High rigidity
  • Driven tools 12,000 rpm

CATALOG Z800, Z1350

CATALOG Z2200, Z3200

Catalog TD series

TTS series

  • With up to 638 mm
  • Two revolvers
  • Fanuc motors and controller
  • Driven tools 12,000rpm
  • Rolling guides
  • High productivity and precision
  • Hole through spindle up to 66mm
  • Turning diameter up to 120 mm
Catalog TTS series

TTL series

  • Two revolvers
  • Turning diameter up to 220 mm
  • With up to 800 mm
  • Fanuc motors and controller
  • Driven tools up to 12,000 rpm

Catalog TTL series